WHAT: READTeam is our after-school reading tutoring program that uses a blended learning model. This program combines read alouds and the joy of reading with a READTeam coach and individualized skills-based activities using a state-approved intervention computer program called i-Ready.

WHERE: Gunnison Elementary School. Classroom locations vary, depending on availability of specific rooms. Room assignments may change for the session depending on availability. Parents will need to wait in the front lobby to pick up their children.

WHEN: All Sessions run from 3:45 pm - 4:55 pm  Students are from their regular classes to play on the wood chip area of the playground after school. Healthy snacks are provided before tutoring begins. Participants must sign-up for each session. Visit our calendar and registration pages for more information. 2017 Session 1: November 13th - December 21st 2018 Session 2: January 15th - March 1st Session 3: March 26th - May 3rd

ABSENCES: If you have a planned absence, please send a note to your child’s READTeam Coach with as much notice as possible. For unplanned or emergency absences, please inform the front office before 3:30 pm. Regular attendance at tutoring sessions is expected for all students. Students who are chronically absent will be removed from the program. READTeam is most successful when students are consistently present for instruction.


The tutoring program is a privilege and students are held to the same expectations of the Mustang Way as during school. Students will be asked to work hard and be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible toward their teachers and peers. If a student’s behavior becomes a consistent distraction to teaching and learning, that student will be removed from the tutoring program.